Our planet, Mother Earth has given birth not just to one species “we the humans” but millions of life forms. It’s hence the duty of entire mankind to care for her, because the existence of human race depends on it.

In a tiny effort to restore the bleeding Mother, Niwesh Tech Pvt. Ltd. A Start-Up, is dedicated to harvest solar power into clean green electricity and also to make highly energy efficient electrical appliances, made in India.

Think globally, act locally is the mantra of this Start-UP. Though the core area of Niwesh Tech is off-grid pure solar power plant, starting from 4 KW to up to 54 KW (We also make custom made off-grid solar plants up to 100 KW), the prime focus in the initial years would be to invent, develop, create, manufacture solar powered products for the underprivileged, rural and remote areas.

Nature provides enough for the basics of the entire life forms on the planet, including mankind but the reason of destruction of the planet, is not because of human need but greed. Humans have forgotten where to stop. We are all in a race to add that one additional commodity to make our lives easier and more luxurious. We continue to unhindered despite several warnings from nature. Human activity over the last 200 years has brought us to the brink of an environmental disaster. Yet there are remedies we can still follow to minimize the damage.

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy, which is also abundant and easily accessible. By going solar, we can reduce the demand for fossil fuels and limit greenhouse gas emissions. We can use solar power to run our entire home (or commercial establishments, or medium scale factories even at present) and save ourselves from hefty electricity bills as well. Solar power is not only clean, green but also everlasting.

Energy Crisis, due to several factor, like the ever-rising demand (to be increased many folds due to Electric Vehicles) and shortage of resources like coal etc. is going to hit the entire world maybe sooner than we can imagine. Solar power may be the solution to the forthcoming crisis, besides slowing down the climate change.

Niwesh Tech hence, aims to provide a balance between clean, green, renewable energy at an affordable price while educating people on ways to minimize their carbon foot print. While pleading to lead a minimalist life, its focus is providing earth caring energy solutions, which are not only affordable but also of fine quality to last for decades. In the near future, Niwesh Tech also aims at introducing several innovative solar powered products for the agricultural sector as well as for rural transport.

Made In India
made for the planet