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There was a time when our nation was building not just railways but also airplanes, when our neighboring countries in Asia were struggling with basic agriculture.

Unfortunately, since the decade of 80s, trading became more lucrative in Indian market and hence most of the medium scale manufacturers became traders and started importing goods from neighboring countries and selling in Indian market at huge profit.

As of now the scenario is changing, and slowly and gradually importing goods from other countries and selling in Indian market will not be as lucrative as it was till few years back.

Moreover, the production capacity in those countries have reached their peak and are also facing power crisis. Hence for the sake of Indian economy it is important that, start-ups in India should focus on manufacturing any product either at small or medium scale.

Niwesh Tech Private Limited is a start-up which is manufacturing solar powered devices and off grid solar plants. As a startup it is not possible for us to manufacture each and every component and hence, we invite the fellow entrepreneurs from India to join hands and partner with us in making "Made in India" products together.

Be a vendor

If you are manufacturing any component that our company needs and is of high-quality, we would like to source it from you even if it costs us little more than importing from other countries. Please get in touch if you have any component manufactured by yourself which we can use in any of our product.

Buy form us

If you are in the field of solar power technology and or manufacturing solar power devices on solar plant, we will be happy to provide you any component that you may need including high-quality high-efficiency mono crystalline solar panel at a very reasonable price.

Market for us

If you are a marketing agency which is owned by Indian partners, we would like to avail your services to be able to reach every Indian household. Rather than spending money on advertisement on the platforms owned by the foreign companies we would like to avail the services of any Indian startup for survey, research and marketing.
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