Niweshtech Custom Solar Power solutions up-to 100 KW

Beyond our 5.5 KW, we at Niweshtech also offer custom solutions as per the need of the client. We also have same Voltronic System of 8 KW. Depending on need (for example to run multiple Air-Conditioners in a commercial place of max 1.5 ton, each) we recommend our parallel system of 49.5 KW 5.5 KW x 9 = 49.5 KW

If the individual load is more like 2.5 to 3 ton Ducting Air Conditioners or medium scale industrial equipments, we recommend : 8 KW x 6 = 48 KW

We can also make custom Solar plants by using industrial grade battery operated 50 - 100 KW with 360 Volt DC system. To charge the battery pack , special custom MPPT charger will be used. This kind of Solar System can run even medium scale industries. If needed, this can be customized to provide 24 x 7 electricity without the Grid power. Where the need for power is only in night time, like banquet halls etc, this custom made plant would be very economical. Just with 50 KW solar panels, 100 KW power can be utilized for seven hours at very economical price.

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