Solar power technology is still in its initial phase not only in India but also the worldwide. Especially in our country, India, most of the people are confused about availing solar power and are not able to understand the difference between Grid-Tie or Off- Grid solar power plant.

Most of the people who are enthusiastic about availing solar power, are only confined to the cognitive thinking of solar power as money saving technology to save on the electricity bill.

In fact, the solar power is not just to save on the electricity bill, but is capable of providing sufficient power on its own as a standalone unit to run a household or a factory or a cluster of homes or small industrial complex without burning any fossil fuel or harming the environment as such.¬

After so many decades of research and development, we at Niwesh Tech are trying to understand the true potential of the clean green solar power electricity to be availed by all. Not only for the domestic use but also for commercial and industrial uses.

Niwesh Tech Private Limited is not a consultancy company, but in order to fulfil our vision of being Earth caring energy solution company, we are more than willing to provide you, the insight and understanding about availing solar power in any way that your establishment may need.

If you’re thinking about availing solar power either for your domestic, commercial or industrial premises by availing Grid-Tie or Off- Grid, solar power plant, either to save money or to be self-reliant, we are willing to provide you the right insight about how to go about it and also to minimize the cost of installation.

Our technical consultancy will be value for money, we assure you that the fee that you pay will be worth every penny.

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