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Niwesh Tech Private Limited Harvests Off-Grid Solar Eletricity.

Niweshtech is a Goa based Indian manufacturing start-up, which makes off-grid Solar plants between 3KW to 100 KW. We at Niweshtech believe that technology should not be confined to the rich and affluent only but must reach the downtrodden as well.

Understanding Solor Power

Our planet, Mother Earth has given birth not just to one species “we the humans” but also millions of other life forms. It’s hence the duty of entire mankind to care for her, because the existence of human race depends on it. Think globally, act locally-this thought defines our company, Niweshtech.

Technical Consultancy

Solar power technology is still in its initial phase not only in India but also the worldwide. Especially in our country, India, most of the people are confused about availing solar power and are not able to understand the difference between Grid-Tie or Off- Grid solar power plant.

Our Products

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Custom Made Off-Grid Solor Plants Up to 100 KW

Beyond our 5.5 KW, we at Niweshtech also offer custom solutions as per the need of the client. We also have same Voltronic System of 8 KW. Depending on need (for example to run multiple Air-Conditioners in a commercial place of max 1.5 ton, each) we recommend our parallel system of 49.5 KW 5.5 KW x 9 = 49.5 KW

Niweshtech Monocrystalline Solor Panals

The Solar Power Industry is still in its infancy in India, and off-grid is yet to find its place. Since the off-grid technology is real time,

Tech Application

Even now, the demand of electricity is rising and our grids in India are on verge of their self-life, sooner than we can possibly imagine, energy crisis is bound to hit us hard. China is a proper example.

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